One Leaf’s Glory

I love that God created hyper-color. Those eighties T-shirts were not original, the leaves do it every year. From green to flaming red, each leaf becomes more glorious before it meets the ground and fades away.

Edward became more glorious. There’s something radiant about a life lived in humble service. It punches a gray backdrop like a golden leaf. Over and over people stand up to say he was a man of few words but was always caring about others before himself. He has had four children, one of them passed, and ten grandchildren who will miss him dearly. Ten little saplings whose leaves are spring green.

Edward and Hannah was a handsome couple, full of shimmering vigor and youth. He was cute as anything and she was a dish. Spring gave way to summer in their lives. He worked for the city of Kelowna and she was a stay at home mom. They loved to camp and play games with friends. Summer turned to autumn and they renewed their vows, those vows now strengthened and rooted, meaning behind each word.

But fall gives way to winter and today Edward comes to rest on the ground. Bobby and Doug, the two sons that were able to make it here, comfort Hannah. I give Hannah a hug. This woman is taking everything in stride. She smiles and asks about my little one inside. I tell her the other day I heard the heartbeat and experienced sheer wonder. One leaf rests on the ground and one leaf is but a dream, a seed, ready to open up to soft sunlight.