Just Wanna Squeeze You

Yesterday I fed you and tears glistened in the corners of your eyes. You wanted to hold the spoon and I wouldn’t let you. I’m so sorry I hurt your feelings. You are so special. You hold the deepest, fuzziest place in my heart. I want to toss you so I can see you gleam and laugh. You take everything in stride, and you are as sweet as Tim Bits. I just wanna squeeze you!

Mommy is Fading

Mommy is fading. Mommy is fading, trapped behind glass. I want to give you more. I want to give you sunshine and breeze on your face. I want to touch your little hands. But Mommy is slipping away into no man’s land. And the rain is on the glass. You wave bye-bye, and Mommy is alone again. Mommy is alone in her soul’s swamp. Your nose is a button like mine. Press it against the glass. Press it against the glass. Let me see you. You are lovely.