I Want to be Good. And I can be.

I imagined blossoms of all sizes and colors falling on me from the trees. It was just a thought as I was walking home today. I can have love or I can have fear. I really do have choices to make. Work today was dread and anxious deadlines. Home with husband was hard. But tonight I waded through water till I got out deep in surging waves. I just drove and drove, stopped, and jumped in with my clothes on. I was baptized in nature and I came out a woman with some peace. I can tell you I have choices to make. Will I get my back up tomorrow or nurture my customers? Will I slough off a snide remark or get bent out of shape? Will I breathe deep, in with the joy, or will I sigh, heavyhearted. I can tell you, I want to be good. I want to be good. And I can be.

He is a Little Man

“Mommy and Enzo are swinging together,” the little whipper said. He is a little man. He knows when he wants a Mum Mum. He knows when he wants a dime. He has little bright eyes that draw you in. He loves playing with dragon. Dragon slurps him. Enzo dances like a Jamaican when the music is loud.