Dandy and Three

Enzo has a build like his Daddy; skinny on the bottom with a wider chest. His hair is shaggy and his eyes are green. He is three, in all its glory. He is chatty and when he makes a statement he looks for confirmation— “Right? Right? Right?” he asks until you say, “Right.” “I want to look up Stormtroopers online,” he says. He scans the pages of devilish star wars bad guys and sees something that catches his eye, “Stormtrooper cookies! Can we make some?”

At the park he is a tiny warrior. He is a little wisp in the wind as he gets lost in the enormous field with his Enzo sized sword. He’s a ragamuffin vagabond. He runs freely and haphazardly. He takes a tumble in the dark green grass. “Bad guys! We need to beat them up!” he exclaims.

Enzo is a strong willed soul. He doesn’t take a “no” easily. He spills fake tears like a wet dog shaking when he hears that little word. When you tell him to come, often he starts wandering in the wrong direction and says, “What’s Sillies doing?” with an impish smile. He’s so cute you have to chase him down, scoop him up, laugh at his giggles and tell him to mind Mama.

Enzo is dandy, and three, and funny, and silly and strong. When you pick him up he says, “I want to walk!”  When you kiss him he wipes off the kisses with zest. He’s a rough and tumble boy. He’s bright and he’s a delight!