My Baby

Who would’ve guessed that I’d be pregnant with my besty—my little gingerbread friend from high school. Her baby will come traipsing into the world one month after mine. What a sweet blessing overlapping many others.

My husband loves to play my belly like a drum. I tell him he is waking baby. We saw the little skipper on an ultrasound. Not much is distinguishable but a cute little upturned nose. The rest is cloaked in mystery.

I wore my pregnancy jeans today just because. My belly just looks like I downed a couple burgers and a shake. But I notice my belly rubbing on my apron as I work these days. When Brad hugs me he says I have substance. I’m not just a willow tree wisp in the wind anymore.

About the life change that is headed my way—I’ll be so green. I’ll be as new born as the baby. Will it like me? I know it’s silly to ask but I wonder these fundamental things. My baby. My heart was forever soaked in powerful compassion and tenderness when I heard my baby’s delicate little heartbeat.

3 thoughts on “My Baby

  1. Jessica, thank you for sharing your special process with us. Your baby cannot help but love you! Your birthday, recently passed, is an opportunity to recall the undeniable loving bond you have with your mother, even from the womb. The bond of loving connection you are generating with your baby is gently building into a cord that, unlike the umbilical cord, can never be broken. Hugs.

  2. Jessica, I love reading your thoughts and poem…Beautiful. They bring it all back to me. Being a mother with a new born babe. The journey you are embarking on is such a gift from God. Because you will never feel such certain unconditional love, tenderness and compassion as you do when you are bearing and birthing a child. And you will feel that your whole life. And to bring a child into such a warm and loving marriage is a blessing too.
    I pray that your journey is a safe and healthy one.

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