Saving BB8

I have an infectious disease at the moment. I am hidden from society. I must wear a mask, stay in my home, and take buckets of heavy duty meds. I cough into a cup and they tell me my fate: you’re still contagious and you must stay hidden. The sickness hung on me for about 2 months before I was diagnosed, and there I was in society, smiling, shining and coughing on people all the while before they decided to hide me away.

My boy stayed with his Nana for three weeks, and when he came home he screamed for Nana, breaking my heart into pieces. He’s home now, and him and I have played intensively; played and played and played, making up for lost time. We’ve been “breaking” bad storm troopers, we’ve been blasting evil robots, and we’ve been saving BB8. And then Enzo comes of his own accord and leans on me; comes and falls into my arms. His touch is so sweet and affirming, and I feel like a Mama. Not a sick outcast, just a blessed woman.

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